Contacting HCL Customer Support

HCL Customer Support provides assistance with product defects. Contact HCL if you require assistance with an HCL Commerce problem.

Before you begin

About this task

Once you are ready to open a ticket, use the HCL Customer Support portal:


  1. Navigate to the HCL Customer Support portal.
  2. Log in by using the Log in button found in the upper right hand corner of the portal.
  3. Once logged in, from the Home page, use the New Cases menu item to select the type of case to enter, or click Create Product Case from the Home page.
  4. Enter the product associated with the concern. You will only see the products for which you are entitled to open cases. If you believe you are entitled to receive support for a product and do not see it listed, then open a help request.
  5. Enter in the remaining fields.

    To help us understand your problem more quickly and expedite the problem-solving process, describe the problem and symptoms in the Description field. When describing a problem to HCL, be as specific as possible. Include all relevant background information so that HCL Customer Support specialists can help you solve the problem efficiently.

    To save time, know the answers to these questions:
    • What software versions were you running when the problem occurred?
    • Do you have logs, traces, and messages that are related to the problem symptoms? HCL Customer Support is likely to ask for this information.
    • Can you re-create the problem? If so, what steps do you perform to re-create the problem?
    • Did you make any changes to the system? For example, did you make changes to the hardware, operating system, networking software, or other system components?
    • Are you currently using a workaround for the problem? If so, be prepared to describe the workaround when you report the problem.
  6. Click Submit.


Your support ticket is created, including all of the necessary details that are required to aid in the remediation of your problem. HCL Support will review your ticket and may request further information in order to assist you.