Process MarketingTriggers service

The Process MarketingTrigger service is used in dialog activity processing to notify the marketing services that specific events occurred.

This service performs the following functions:

  • Evaluates the information that is provided in the marketing trigger against the behavior rules in currently active activities. If the marketing trigger event matches the behavior rule definition, then the marketing services performs the corresponding action in the behavior rule:
    • send: Forward the occurrence of this event to the marketing services to be processed. For example, customer events that trigger this processing can include the following events:
      • When a customer places an order.
      • When a customer registers with the store.
      • When the time that is specified in a Wait trigger, elapses for the customer.
    • record: Forward the occurrence of this event to the marketing services so that the behavior is recorded for a customer. For example, customer events to record can include the following events:
      • When the customer browsed a category.
      • When the customer viewed a page with a URL containing a specific name-value pair.
    • custom: Detect the occurrence of this event, but do not forward the event to the marketing services. When action=custom, a custom task command handles the processing of this event. Some customization scenarios might use this value to detect events but then record the data by using some other means.
  • Updates the statistics when a customer clicks an e-Marketing Spot.