Starting Utility server Docker container with default configurations

Learn how to start the Utility server Docker container.
To start the container with default configurations, run the following command.
docker run -it -e LICENSE=accept <Utility Docker image>

Starting container with custom database credentials

If you need to change database credentials, you can use the following command.
docker run -it -e LICENSE=accept  \
    -e DBHOST=<db hostname> \
    -e DBNAME=<db instance name> \
    -e DBPASS=<db user password> \
    -e DBPORT=<db port> \
    -e DBUSER=<db user> \
    -e DBADMIN=<db administrator> \
    -e ENABLE_DB_SSL=<true|false, default value is false>
    <Utility Docker image>
Parameter name Value
DBHOST The database hostname.
DBNAME The name of the database.
DBPASS The database user password.
DBPORT The database port.
DBUSER The database user name.
DBADMIN The database administrator name.
ENABLE_DB_SSL Determines whether to enable SSL protocol for connections to the database. Valid values are true or false.