Starting the Customization server Docker container with default configurations

Learn how to start Customization server Docker container without specifying the CONFIGURE_MODE parameter.

To start the container with default configurations, run the following command.
docker run -it -e LICENSE=accept xc-app
When you start by using the default configurations, the Customization server Docker container image name is xc-app.

Default host name

When you start by using the default configurations, the Customization server Docker container host name is xc.

Mandatory parameters

Parameter name Description Configuration
SPIUSER_NAME Your SPIUSER name. The default value is spiuser.
Note: From version onward, the SPIUSER_NAME parameter is optional. If it is not specified, then the default value is assumed.
Container environment variable/Vault
SPIUSER_PWD The encrypted password for the spiuser. For more information, see Setting the spiuser password in your Docker images. Container environment variable/Vault
ADMIN_SPIUSER_PWD The ADMIN_SPIUSER_PWD must be the same value as SPIUSER_PWD but kept as plain text. Container environment variable/Vault

Optional parameters

Parameter name Description
SSLPort The remote store page redirect secure port.
NONSSLPort The remote store page redirect non-secure port.
ZOOKEEPER_SERVERS Works with KAFKA_SERVERS, if you want to configure the container to catch validation.
HEALTH_CENTER_ENABLED Specify whether Health Center is enabled. Accepted values are true and false.

The default value is false.

EXPOSE_METRICS Specify if you want to enable metrics for the HCL Commerce environment.

Code example

docker run -it -e LICENSE=accept  \
    -e SPIUSER_NAME=<your spiuser-name, default is spiuser> \
    -e SPIUSER_PWD=<your spiuser password that you encrypted with>
    <Customization Docker image>