Starting containers by retrieving parameters from container environment variables

If you do not use Vault, you can retrieve parameters from container environment variables (CONFIGURE_MODE=EnvVariables). For example, if you are using docker run, you can pass all parameters through command line, or if you are setting up a pipeline, you can set your pipeline to provide the parameters.

By using this approach, you need to:
  • Be familiar with HCL Commerce Docker configuration logic and Docker parameters.
  • Configure the host names and certifications of related components.

If you are going to manage a multi-tenant environment, it is suggested you use start Vault configuration mode (CONFIGURE_MODE=Vault).

To start EnvVariables configuration mode, edit to include the following:

docker run -it -e LICENSE=accept  \
    -e CONFIGURE_MODE=EnvVariables    
    -e <Parameter1>=<Value1>
    -e <Parameter2>=<Value2>
    <Docker image>  
Note: If you use this method and do not use the default host names, ensure that your custom host name matches the SubjectAlternativeNames in related certifications in other containers.