Starting the Search server Docker container by retrieving parameters from container environment variables

Learn about how to start the Search server Docker container by specifying CONFIGURE_MODE=EnvVariables.

Mandatory parameters

Parameter name Value
SPIUSER_NAME Your SPIUSER name. The default value is spiuser.
Note: From version onward, the SPIUSER_NAME parameter is optional. If it is not specified, then the default value is assumed.
SPIUSER_PWD The encrypted password for the spiuser. For more information, see Setting the spiuser password in your Docker images.
ADMIN_SPIUSER_PWD The same value as SPIUSER_PWD but keep as plain text.
Note: If you need to point to a different database, you must specify all database-related parameters.
The database hostname.
DBNAME The name of the database.
DBUSER The database user name.
DBPASS The database user password, which is used to connect the database to the application server.
DBPORT The database port.


SOLR_MASTER and SOLR_SLAVE work together to determine the search node type. To configure the Search server container as:
  • Search-master node:
  • Search-repeater node:
  • Search-subordinate node:
SOLR_MASTER_SERVER_URL The IP and port of the search node to poll from. Mandatory for the search-repeater/subordinate on the live environment SOLR_SLAVE=true.
For the search-repeater node, specify the following:
  • search-master-ip:3737
  • search-master-ip:3738
For the search-subordinate node, specify the following
  • search-repeater-ip:3737
  • search-repeater-ip:3738
TX_HOST Specify the Transaction server hostname.

Optional parameters

Parameter name Description
SOLR_REPLICATION_POLLINTERVAL The replication poll interval for search subordinate on the live environment.
WORKAREA The search index path in the Search server Docker container.
For example:
TRACE_SPEC Sets trace specifications. For more information about trace, see Trace components.
TX_PORT The Transaction server port. The default value is 5443.
STOREWEB_HOST The store web host name.
STOREWEB_PORT The store web server port. The default value is 443.
XC_PORT The Customization server port. The default value is 9443.
XC_HOST The Customization server host name.
SESSION_KEY_ENCRYPT Encrypted session key.
HEALTH_CENTER_ENABLED Specify whether Health Center is enabled. Accepted values are true and false.

The default value is false.

DB_SSLENABLE Determines whether to enable SSL protocol for connections to the database. Accepted values are true and false. The default value is false.
DB_XA Specify if the XA function has been enabled for database. Accepted values are true and false. The default value is false.
DBTYPE The database type. Accepted values are db2 and oracle.
EXPOSE_METRICS Specify if you want to enable metrics for the commerce environment.

Code example

docker run -it -e LICENSE=accept  \
    -e CONFIGURE_MODE=EnvVariables
    -e SPIUSER_NAME=<your spiuser-name> \
    -e SPIUSER_PWD=<your spiuser password that you encrypted with> \
    -e DBHOST=<db hostname> \
    -e DBNAME=<db instance name> \
    -e DBPASS=<db user password> \
    -e DBPORT=<db port> \
    -e DBUSER=<db user> \
    -e SOLR_MASTER=true \
    -e SOLR_SLAVE=false \
    -e TX_HOST=<Transaction server hostname, default port is 5443> \
    <Search Docker Image>