HCL Commerce Version or later

Starting the Nextjs (Ruby) store Docker container by retrieving parameters from container environment variables

Learn about how to start the Nextjs (Ruby) store Docker container by specifying CONFIGURE_MODE=EnvVariables.

Mandatory parameters

Parameter name Value
MAP_API_KEY The Google Maps API key that is used by the React store.
Note: A placeholder value can be used to enable you to start the container. For example, google-api-key.
TX_HOST The Transaction server host name. The default value is app.
SEARCH_HOST The Search server hostname, which is referring to the Query service for the Elasticsearch-based search solution.

The default value is search.

Optional parameters

Parameter name Value
TX_PORT The Transaction server port number.

The default value is 5443.

SEARCH_PORT The auth or live Query server port.

The default value is 30901.

LOG_LEVEL The log level used for troubleshooting purposes.
Available log levels are:
  • trace
  • debug
  • info
  • warn
  • error
  • fatal
  • When configured as trace, all messages are displayed.
  • When configured as debug, all messages are displayed except those tagged as trace.
  • When configured as info, all messages at levels info through fatal are displayed.
By default, server-side API client log messages are displayed at level:
  • HCL Commerce Version
  • HCL Commerce Version
TRACE_DETAIL Defines which API methods are logged.
Functions can be filtered using a comma-separated list.
This specification will display the log messages from the findProducts and the getV2CategoryResources functions only.
By default, this value is left empty. This implies that all functions are logged.
LOG_SENSOR_STRING Defines the masking string that is used in logs to mask sensitive information, for example, messages with GDPR-related content. The set of values to mask are identified by their keys in the logging/core/redactionKeys.ts configuration file. For more information, see https://getpino.io/#/docs/redaction.

The default value given in the template is **GDPR COMPLIANT**. If the value is empty, or not set, then the censor string that is used is ****.

HCL Commerce Version or laterNODE_INSTANCE_NUMBER Defines the maximum number of concurrent Node processes that can be run by the Node.js cluster API.
Note: The value that is specified in Vault takes precedence over other configuration methods.