Starting Web server Docker container with default configurations

Learn how to start Web server Docker container without specifying the CONFIGURE_MODE parameter. You can use this method if the Transaction server host name is the default app.

To start the container with default configurations to view files inside the container, use:
docker run -it -e LICENSE=accept ts-web
When you start by using the default configurations, the Web server Docker container image name is ts-web.

Default host name

When you start by using the default configurations, the Web server Docker container host name is web.

Mandatory parameters

Parameter name Description
SPIUSER_NAME Your SPIUSER name. The default value is spiuser.
SPIUSER_PWD The encrypted password for the 'spiuser'. For more information, see Setting the spiuser password in your Docker images

Optional parameters

Parameter name Description
SSLPort The remote store page redirect secure port.
NONSSLPort The remote store page redirect non-secure port.
ZOOKEEPER_SERVERS Works with KAFKA_SERVERS, if you want to configure the container to catch validation.
HEALTH_CENTER_ENABLED Determines whether Health Center is enabled (true/false). Default value is false.

Code example

docker run -it -e LICENSE=accept  \
    -e SPIUSER_NAME=<your spiuser-name> \
    -e SPIUSER_PWD=<your spiuser password that you encrypted with>
    <Store Docker image>