Configuring your store to avoid sending multiple marketing e-mails to the same email address

You can add an attribute to the HCL Commerce configuration file to prevent the server from sending multiple emails to the same address for the same email activity. This attribute can prevent the server from sending the emails even when the email address belongs to different users. This configuration ensures that a customer who registers as more than one user but supplies the same email address for each user receives only one email per email activity.


  1. Open the HCL Commerce configuration file.
  2. Locate the section of the file that starts with the <Instance> element.
  3. Within the <Instance element, add the attribute filterDuplicateEmails="true", as shown in the following example:
    <Instance BootstrapMulti="wcs.bootstrap_multi_en_US.xml,"
     WorkspacePath="" />
  4. Save and close the file.