Promotion types and conditions considerations

When you are creating promotions in Management Center, certain promotion types and conditions can affect your store performance.

When you are creating promotions, take into account the following considerations when you choose the promotion type and conditions. These considerations can limit the effect that your promotions have on your store performance:
  • You can reduce the performance cost for evaluating promotions by using promotion types that apply to categories or subtotals, instead of individual catalog entries. The evaluation of individual catalog entry-based promotions is impacted by the quantity for the catalog entries in an order. The following promotion types offer discounts on individual catalog entries:If there is a large quantity for a catalog entry in an order, the evaluation of a promotion that applies to that individual catalog entry takes longer in comparison to a similar promotion that applies to a category or the subtotal. When you are creating a promotion that is based on an individual catalog entry, consider specifying redemption limits to limit the quantity for catalog entries. By limiting the quantity for catalog entries, you can limit the performance impact when you use promotion types that are based on individual catalog entries. For more information about the impact of individual catalog entry level promotion types, see Performance impact of "individual" catalog entry promotions
  • Select category level promotions instead of specifying many catalog entries when you are creating promotions. If a promotion has many specified catalog entries, it can take longer to calculate whether a shopper qualifies for the promotion. If your promotion specifies many catalog entries, consider creating a sales category for the promotion to contain all of these catalog entries.
  • Specifying product attribute conditions can increase the need for the system to retrieve product attribute information. Consider creating a category that contains all catalog entries that use the attribute condition instead of specifying an attribute condition. Specifying this category in a category-level promotion can reduce the need for retrieving attribute information and can improve performance.
  • Create promotions that are based on the Discounted Price in a B2C store instead of the Standard Offer Price where possible. By using the Discounted Price instead of the Standard Offer Price your promotions can be evaluated in less time since the performance cost to retrieve the price information is reduced. The following promotion types support discounts that are based on the Discounted Price:
    • Buy catalog entry X, get additional X at a percentage off
    • Buy catalog entry X, get a percentage off catalog entry Y
    • Buy A (and B and C), get a percentage off Y
    • Buy A (and B and C), get an amount off Y
    • Percentage off individual catalog entries
    • Amount off individual catalog entries
    • Buy catalog entries from category X, get additional catalog entries from category X at a percentage off
    • Percentage off individual catalog entries from a category
    • Amount off individual catalog entries from a category