SEORedirectRulesCache (WCSEORedirectRulesDistributedMapCache)

This cache is used to find the new URL keyword to be used, when an incoming URL being parsed contains an URL keyword that has been redirected.

A cached entry in this cache would use the old URL keyword ID as the key and the data saved in the cache would be either an empty collection (if the old URL keyword does not have a redirect rule specified or if there is an exception in retrieving the data from SEOREDIRECT table) or a collection containing the SEOREDIRECT_ID, the new SEOURLKEYWORD_ID, the new URL keyword and the new mobile URL keyword.

Default cache size: 1000

Cache invalidation

The data in this cache is invalidated under the following conditions:
  • Any operation on the SEOREDIRECT table for the specified original URL keyword ID would invalidate all results containing that it.
  • Any non delete operation on the SEOREDIRECT table would invalidate all the empty results.
  • Any change to a specific redirect rule identified by the SEOREDIRECT_ID will invalidate the cache result for the same.
Invalidation is also done through database triggers. The triggers that affect the data in this cache are:
  • civi_ser
  • civu_ser
  • civd_ser