SEOURLToken2URLKeywordCache (WCSEOURLToken2URLKeywordDistributedMapCache)

This cache is used during the process of constructing the SEO URL to retrieve the URL keywords required.

The cache key for a cache entry in this cache consists of token name, token value, language Id and store Id and the data saved in the cache is either an empty collection (if there was an error retrieving the data or if the query generated no results from the database) or a collection containing the SEOURLKEYWORD_ID, URL keyword and mobile URL keyword.

Default cache size: 3000

Cache invalidation

The data in this cache is invalidated under the following conditions:
  • Any non delete operation on the SEOURL table would invalidate the empty result.
  • Any operation on the SEOURLKEYWORD for a specific SEOURLKEYWORD_ID will invalidate the specific cached data.
  • Any changes to the SEOURL table for the specific token name token value pair will invalidate all the URL keywords cached for that pair.
Invalidation is also done through database triggers. The triggers that affect the data in this cache are:
  • civi_seu
  • civu_seu
  • civd_seu