SEOURLCache (WCSEOURLDistributedMapCache)

This cache is responsible for caching parsed SEO URLs. When an incoming SEO URL is parsed, the parser's result data is cached so that subsequent requests with the same URL can directly use the cached parser result instead of parsing the URL again.

The cache key for an entry in this cache consists of the SEO URL to be parsed and the store ID. The data stored in this cache is the result of parsing the SEO URL. The result consists of the state of the URL (valid, invalid, redirected), the token name token value pairs found in the URL (for valid URLs), the redirect URL (for a redirected URL)

Default cache size: 5000

Cache invalidation

The data in this cache is invalidated under the following conditions:
  • Any operation on the SEOURL table OR SEOURLKEYWORD table would invalidate an invalid URL parser result.
  • Any change to a specific SEOURLKEYWORD row identified by the SEOURLKEYWORD_ID will invalidate all the cached results that are valid or redirected and are containing that URL keyword.
  • Any change to the redirect rule identified by its SEOREDIRECT_ID will invalidate all the cached redirected URL results that have used the redirect rule.