Changing the total price of an order

Use HCL Commerce Accelerator to change the total price of an order (for example, to compensate a customer for a delay in delivering an order) or to change the shipping charges.


  1. Open HCL Commerce Accelerator
  2. Find the order that you want to work with.
  3. Open the Change Order notebook by selecting the check box next to the order and clicking Change.
  4. The notebook opens at the Products page. From the left navigation frame, click Adjustments. The Adjustments page is displayed, providing a summary of the order.
  5. To make one or more price adjustments:
    • To include an overall price adjustment, type a new amount in the Minus order level adjustment field. This price adjustment is calculated before tax and shipping charges, but after any discounts (such as promotions) to the order.
    • To override the shipping charge that is calculated by the system, type a new amount in the Shipping field. The shipping cost for an order is now waived.
    • To honor a coupon, type the ID that uniquely identifies the coupon in the Coupon field. The value of the coupon is subtracted from the total cost of the order, before discount, tax, and shipping charges are applied.
  6. Click Recalculate to include any price adjustments in the total price. The new total is displayed in the Order Total field, in the customer's preferred currency. If a customer did not specify a preferred currency during registration, the price is displayed by using the store's default currency.
  7. If you decide not to adjust the order total, and want to revert to the original amounts, click Undo. To save the price adjustment and close the notebook, click Submit. Click Save to save the changes without submitting an order.