Adding a comment to an order

Use HCL Commerce Accelerator to add a comment to a customer order.


  1. Open HCL Commerce Accelerator
  2. Find the order you want to work with.
  3. Select the check box next to the order that you want to work with and click Add Comments. A dialog opens.
  4. In the Comments scroll box, type the comment that you want to include with the order. This scroll box accepts up to 1024 alphanumeric characters.
  5. To e-mail this comment to customers, select the Send this comment to the customer check box. The E-mail address field is displayed. If the customer provides an email address when they registered, this field is populated with that email address. To change the email address, enter the email address that you want specified for the customer in the E-mail address field.
  6. Click OK to add the comment to the order and, if selected, to send the comment to the customer.