Customizing web store labels and messages

The static HTML store shows the labels and messages. Use the static HTML store to find the properties files that are needed to customize the labels and messages in your live store.


  • At the top of each page in the Static HTML package is a Show Properties button. Clicking the Show Properties button highlights static text that is contained in the following properties files:
    • DIVIDING_BAR Denotes a visible text string. Hover over this icon to show the corresponding properties key, for example HEADING_SHOPPING_LIST. This key is in one of the following properties files and mapped to the text string Wish List.
    • Pencil icon Denotes properties text that is not visible. Usually, this text is provided to make the site accessible. Alternative text (Alt) and section titles are the most common uses of these strings. Hover over an orange icon to show both the properties file key and the text that is displayed by a screen reader. For example, ACCE_Status_Shopping_Cart_Content_Updated=Shopping Cart Display Updated.
  • Modify any string in the following properties files:

    Do not delete strings or keys in any file. In some cases, a string has symbols such as {0} or {1}. These symbols are substitution variables. You can move these variables within the same properties key but do not delete these variables.

    These properties files are in the following directory within your programming environment:
    • crs-web\WebContent\WEB-INF\classes\storedir
    Where storedir is the name of your storefront asset store directory. By default this directory is AuroraStorefrontAssetStore.
    File Description Contains error messages that are displayed in the store for varying situations. These error messages are text strings for errors that are generated by the server. An example is a failed logon attempt. The server returns an error code that is translated into the following message:
    Either the Logon ID or password entered is incorrect. Enter the information again. Primary properties files for text in the store. Some keys in these files overlap. If the keys overlap, ensure that you keep the keys and values in-sync. Contains some text that is used on the User Registration page of the store.
    All other properties files Do not change these files.

    Your default store locale file is used as the base properties file. For example, if your primary locale is en_US, modify the file The base file is copied from the locale-specific file. This language is your default language file for your store.

    Note: The text in the static HTML store is hardcoded in the HTML files. Therefore, updating the properties files does not change the text that is displayed in the static HTML store. IBM uses the properties files that you provide for your live store.