Enabling and configuring site search statistics

You can gather data for the site into search statistics reports so that you can view and analyze them in the Management Center.


Update the appropriate component configuration file to enable site search statistics:
  • In your custom catalog component configuration file, wc-component.xml, change the value of the SearchProfilesStatistics parameter to true.

    The custom catalog component configuration file is in the following directory workspace_dir\Search\xml\config\com.ibm.commerce.catalog-extEdit or create the file xc_workspace_dir/search-runtime/config/com.ibm.commerce.search/wc-component.xml.

    Values can be set for the following statistic parameters in your custom catalog component configuration file:
    The batch processing size for capturing search statistics, in number of cached entries.
    The default value is 10000.
    The time interval between batch processing updates, in seconds.
    The default value is 600.
    Track search rule statistics up to the specified search result page.
    The default value is 1.
    For example:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    xmlns:xsi = "http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" 
    xsi:schemaLocation = "http://www.ibm.com/xmlns/prod/commerce/foundation/config ../xsd/wc-component.xsd " 
    xmlns:_config = "http://www.ibm.com/xmlns/prod/commerce/foundation/config">
          <_config:configgrouping name = "SearchConfiguration">
                <_config:property name = "SearchProfilesStatistics" value = "true"/>
                <_config:property name = "SearchStatisticsUpdateInterval" value = "4800"/>
                <_config:property name = "SearchStatisticsResultPagesTrackingThreshold" value = "2"/>
    The code snippet that start with A and ending with B is the inserted code, which contains the following properties:
    • SearchProfilesStatistics: The value is changed to true to enable site search statistics.
    • SearchStatisticsUpdateInterval: The value is changed to 4800 seconds as the time interval between batch processing updates.
    • SearchStatisticsResultPagesTrackingThreshold: The value is changed to 2 search results pages to track search rule statistics.