Catalog image requirements for the Aurora starter store

For each catalog entry (product, SKU, bundle, and kit), the Aurora starter store displays images in various sizes in different locations.

For each category, the Aurora starter store supports only a single category image.

Note: High-quality images might degrade site performance, since images that are too large are slow to download on the storefront. Ensure that you monitor pages with large images, or optimize your image files to reduce their file sizes.

Images for catalog entries

Only two image sizes are required for each catalog entry (product, SKU, bundle, and kit):
Image size (width is fixed, height is fixed) Where image is used
200x310 pixels All thumbnail images of catalog entries. For example, this image can be used in any widget that displays a list of catalog entries, such as the Catalog Entry List and Catalog Entry Recommendation widget.
646x1000 pixels All full images of catalog entries. This image is used in any Commerce Composer widget that displays the full images of the catalog entry, such as the Full Image widget.

Images for categories

For each category in the catalog, the following image is required:
Image size (width is fixed, height is variable) Where image is used
160 pixels wide The category thumbnail image is displayed in e-Marketing Spots that display categories arranged horizontally across a page.

See an example in the e-Marketing Spot named [category]Row3_Categories: Department page (B2C)

256 x 160 pixels The category thumbnail image is displayed in the Commerce Composer e-Marketing Spot widgets that display categories arranged in either horizontal or vertical orientation in a layout.

See an example in the layout that is named DepartmentPageLayout, and the widget that is named CategoryRecommendationWidget, and the e-Marketing spot [category]Row3_Categories.