Specifying catalog attributes in promotion purchase conditions

When creating a promotion, you can restrict the promotion to catalog entries that have certain attribute values. Attributes are properties of SKUs in an online store, such as color, size, or manufacturer. In the promotion, you can specify any defining or descriptive attributes that are for catalog entries in the Catalogs tool.


  1. Open the promotion that you want to specify attributes for.
  2. In the Purchase Condition and Reward section, locate the Attributes for catalog entries table. The table name might be slightly different for certain promotions.
  3. Complete the steps that apply to your software level:
    • Complete the following steps:
      1. Above the table, click New New. A new attribute row is created.
      2. In the Attribute name field, type the exact name of the attribute as it appears in the Catalogs tool. The attribute name is not case-sensitive.
      3. Select the Data type for the attribute values.
      4. Select the Matching rule for the attribute values.
      5. Select the Values for the attribute values. Type the attribute value exactly as it appears in the Catalogs tool. The attribute value is not case-sensitive.
      6. To add additional attribute values, click the Edit icon edit icon in the Value column.
      7. In the Value pop-up, above the table, click New New to add additional attribute values.

        For example, if you want the promotion to apply to all catalog entries for which the Manufacturer attribute has a value of either Thiscompany or Thatcompany, add two rows to the Value column, one for Thiscompany and another for Thatcompany.

      8. Click Save to return to the promotion properties view.
      9. To add additional attributes and values, repeat steps 3.a to 3.h of this section.