Activating or deactivating promotions

Promotions can exist in the store in three states; active, inactive, or suspended. You can edit only inactive promotions. When the maximum redemption limit for a promotion is reached, the promotion moves to suspended state. Change any promotions in suspended state to inactive state before you edit them.

You can also archive promotions. To move a promotion to the archived state, the promotion must be inactive. When you archive a promotion, the promotion does not display in the list of promotions for your store or in any promotion folder. You can find an archived promotion only with the Advanced Search feature for promotions. You also cannot activate an archived promotion. You can however, copy an archived promotion, and then activate that new promotion. For more information, see Archiving promotions.


  1. Open the Promotions tool.
  2. Find the promotion that you want to activate or deactivate.
  3. Right-click the promotion. Then, click either Activate or Deactivate.


The promotion status is changed to activated or deactivated based on your action in Step 3.
Note: If your promotion generates or imports promotion codes, the activation process can take time, depending on:
  • The complexity and length of the promotion codes to generate.
  • The number of unique promotion codes to generate or populate. Each unique promotion code is stored in its own database table row. Ensure that your database is optimized to handle the processing of this data. If the number of unique promotion codes to generate or populate is large, for instance over 100,000 codes, ensure that your database has sufficient space that is allocated.

When you activate a promotion that generates or imports codes, the promotion is set to the Activating state while the codes are populated. The promotion status refreshes every 5 seconds. After the promotion codes are successfully populated, you cannot repopulate promotion codes for the same promotion. That is, reactivating a promotion does not generate new codes.