Viewing which activities and folders reference a promotion

Certain promotions might be referenced directly in marketing activities. You can open a promotion and click the References tab to view a list of those marketing activities that reference the promotion. You can also change whether the promotion is referenced directly from this References tab, if required.

A Promotion folders table is included which lists any folders that are associated with the promotion. To improve managing your promotion folders, you can use the tab to view any folders that the promotion is referenced in.

The Promotion folders table now displays in the Manage Promotion tab in the properties view for a promotion.

About this task

The References tab makes it easier for you to manage the promotion along with its related activities and folders. To improve managing the related activities for a promotion, you can use the references tab to coordinate the scheduling of the promotion and activity. This schedule coordination ensures that both the promotion and the activity are active at the same time. Before you deactivate a promotion, you can check the References tab to ensure that no active marketing activities reference the promotion.

There are two types of marketing activities, which can reference promotions:

  • Dialog activities that use the Issue Coupon action to automatically add a coupon to a customer's coupon wallet. For this case, the dialog activity references a coupon promotion.
  • Web activities that use the Recommend Promotion action display clickable information about a promotion on your store pages.


  1. Open the Promotions tool.
  2. Find the promotion that you want to view.
  3. Right-click the promotion that you want to check for related marketing activities, or folders. Click Open.
  4. Click the References tab.
    The tab lists any web or dialog activities, or promotion folders that reference this promotion.
  5. To view or edit any activity, or folders that are listed on the References tab, double-click the row that contains the object. To return to the promotion, click the promotion name in the explorer view.