Exporting promotion codes

You can export your own set of unique promotion codes into a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have an existing promotion with a redemption method that requires promotion codes. Your promotion must have promotion codes that are generated or populated in your store database.

To export promotion codes, you must have a promotion that uses one of the following types of promotion codes:
  • Simple system-generated unique promotion codes.
  • Advanced system-generated unique promotion codes.
  • Imported promotion codes.
  • If Management Center is integrated with IBM Marketing Center, you can export a public promotion code. If Management Center is not integrated with IBM Marketing Center, you cannot export public promotion codes. When you export public promotion codes that include IBM Marketing Center metadata only a single public promotion code is included within the export file. If you are not including IBM Marketing Center metadata, you can export multiple public promotion codes within a file.

About this task

By default, promotion codes are exported into a CSV file format. You can configure the export promotion codes function to export the codes in a compressed file format. To configure the export function, you must edit the CompressPromotionCodeExportFile property in the promotions component configuration file. By changing the value of this property to true, you change the file format for exported promotion codes to the compressed file format.

You can also configure the export promotion codes function to export only a subset of the codes for a promotion. By default, the export functions exports all of the unused codes for a promotion. For more information about configuring promotion code export to export only a subset of codes, see exporting subsets of promotion codes.

Whether you want to export promotion codes with the default settings or configure the functions, use the following steps to export your promotion codes:

Note: You cannot export promotion codes for an archived promotion. For more information, see Archiving promotions.


  1. Open the Promotions tool.
  2. From the explorer filter, click Promotions.
    The Promotions List displays, containing a list of currently defined promotions.

    You can search for promotions to display one or more promotions that match your search criteria.

  3. Select the promotion that contains the promotion codes you want to export. Right-click the promotion; select Export Promotion Codes.
    The New Promotion Code Export page displays.
  4. In the New Promotion Code Export page, enter a name for the promotion code export file.
  5. Optional: If Management Center is integrated with IBM Marketing Center and you want to export this file to IBM Marketing Center, select the check box to Include metadata for IBM Marketing Center.
    When you select this option, information is included in the promotion code export file:
    The promotion name.
    The promotion start date.
    The promotion end date.
    Following this information is the list of each promotion code for the promotion. If you want to export unique promotion codes, you must have multiple codes within the export file. If there is only one promotion code, IBM Marketing Center handles the code as a public promotion code, which can be used multiple times while the promotion is active.
  6. Click Save. Click Refresh.
  7. From the explorer filter, click Promotion Code Exports.
    The Promotion Code Exports List displays.
  8. Select the promotion code export file that you want to download and click Promotion Code ExportsDownload Promotion Codes. The Export dialog displays, containing options to open or download and save the file.


Your set of unique promotion codes is successfully exported and downloaded. By default the exported codes included in the CSV file are separated by a line break. Each line corresponds to a unique promotion code. If you plan to view or edit your exported promotion codes, your file editor might not display the file in its default format.

The time and date for when an exported promotion code file is downloaded and the user ID of the user that downloaded the file is recorded. The list of users and the time and date of file downloads displays in the properties view of the Promotion Code Export page. Only the first instance of when a user downloads an exported promotion code file is recorded. If a user downloads the file again, a new record of the download is not added to the list.