Upgrading HCL Commerce Developer version to

A manual change is required to your development environment during your upgrade of HCL Commerce Developer version to

About this task

The installer for the HCL Commerce Developer does not include the logic to apply the WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Application Server Liberty configuration changes that are included in configureProfile.jacl. These changes must be manually applied in your development environment.


  1. Create a new object cache instance on the Transaction server.
    For more information on creating object cache instances, see Using object cache instances in the WebSphere Application Server knowledge center.
    1. Within Rational Application Developer, right click HCL Commerce Test Server > Administration > Run Administrative Console. The administrative console is displayed.
    2. Within the administrative console, click Resources > Cache Instances > Object Cache Instances.
    3. Create a new object cache with the following values:
      Name: "WCStoreCache"
      JNDI name: "services/cache/WCStoreDistributedMapCache"
      Description: "WC store cache"
      Category: “myCat”
      Cache size: "100"
  2. Set custom Java Virtual Machine (JVM) properties on your Store server and Search server.
    For more information on setting custom JVM property values, see Customizing the Liberty environment in the WebSphere Application Server Liberty knowledge center.

    Repeat the following instructions for both the Store server and the Search server:

    1. Under the Servers tab, expand the menu for the server.
    2. Open the jvm.options file for editing. It one does not exist, create it.
    3. Set the following custom property values:
    4. Save and close the file.
  3. Restart your test servers for the new cache and JVM properties to be applied.


After manually creating the cache, and updating your JVM properties, your HCL Commerce Developer environment is ready to use.