HCL Commerce Version

HCL Commerce Update Package overview

Update Packages for HCL Commerce Version 9 production environments are delivered as new Docker images. Update Packages can include code fixes, security fixes, new features, or enhancements.

The following list describes key features of Update Package releases for HCL Commerce production environments:
  • Delivered as Docker images, available from HCL License and Delivery portal.
  • Each new Update Package consists of the base product, plus all the fixes and enhancements since the base release. For example, HCL Commerce Version contains the base Version code and also all the functions and fixes from Versions and Users who are deploying HCL Commerce for the first time, can simply deploy Version 9.0.0.x directly without setting up the base Version first.
  • An Update Package is the only mechanism that HCL uses to deliver features and fixes. Interim fixes are not provided.
  • HCL intends to release Update Packages monthly, or more frequently if security vulnerabilities are identified. The timing and frequency is not guaranteed and can change without notice at HCL's sole discretion.
  • New features, or enhancements to existing features, that could affect your custom code are disabled by default.
  • Fixes to co-requisite software (WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Liberty, and IBM HTTP Server) are included as part of the Docker images.

To update HCL Commerce production environments, use the new HCL provided Docker images as a base. Build custom Docker images with your custom code and then deploy new containers. For more detailed information and steps, review the following topics.