Common steps for HCL Commerce Search related fixes: Re-creating the search index preprocessing templates

You might need to complete these common steps to enable certain search-related fixes that are included in HCL Commerce maintenance packages. This task re-creates the search index preprocessing templates. Your customized search index configuration is not impacted by this task.

Before you begin

  1. Install the necessary maintenance package.
  2. Backup your existing search directory if you customized the current search index preprocessing templates:
    • AIXLinuxWC_installdir/instances/instance_name/search
    • WindowsWC_installdir\instances\instance_name\search
    • HCL Commerce DeveloperWCDE_installdir\search
  3. If you have set the DropTempTable option to false in your catalog wc-component.xml configuration file, you must set it to true temporarily. You must run at least one build of your search index to account for any changes made to the temporary table schema before setting it back to false. For more information on the DropTempTable option, see Search properties in the component configuration file (wc-component.xml).


  1. Delete the following directories:
    • WC_installdir/instances/instance_name/search/pre-processConfig
    • WC_installdir\instances/instance_name\search\pre-processConfig
    • HCL Commerce DeveloperWCDE_installdir\search\pre-processConfig
  2. Re-create the search directory structure by completing the following task: Setting up the search index.
  3. Merge your customizations back into the newly-created templates, if necessary. For example, changes made to the wc-data-config.xml file.
  4. Build the HCL Commerce Search index.