HCL Commerce Version or later

Enabling the InvalidateSearchCache scheduled job (KB0077569)

Before you begin

The ability to schedule the InvalidateSearchCache scheduled job requires HCL Commerce or later fix pack.

About this task

The InvalidateSearchCache scheduled job has been re-added to the available jobs for scheduling within the HCL Commerce Administration Console. The scheduling of this job requires a configuration prerequisite before it can be scheduled.


Ensure that the Search server host name and port configuration details are included within the CONFIG column of the SRCHCONF table for the CatalogEntry and CatalogGroup search indexes.

For HCL Commerce production environments, ensure that the host name and port are defined in both indexes.

  • SearchServerPort=3738,SearchServerName=SearchServerName
    • SearchServerPort is the Search server port.
    • SearchServerName is the Search server host name.

    For example:

    For the CatalogEntry index:
    For the CatalogGroup index:

HCL Commerce DeveloperFor HCL Commerce Developer, only the port number is required to be included. The host for the Search server will default to localhost.

  • SearchServerPort=3738

    For example:

    For the CatalogEntry index:
    For the CatalogGroup index:


The InvalidateSearchCache job can now be scheduled.