Range-based customer registration information

Some of the information captured during customer registration uses a range to store its value. For instance, the default implementation for specifying a customer's age defines a range of numbers from 0 to 6. Each number represents an age range that might include the customer's age. When customers register, they select the range in which they belong, and the selection is stored in the HCL Commerce database as an integer between 0 and 6. These ranges are defined in the UserRegistration.properties file in the properties directory.

If you want to change the number of ranges defined as available values, or if you want to change the displayed values for any of the ranges, update this file accordingly. This file defines the display values for the following range-based registration information: age, income, marital status.

Below is the default entry for the registration information for a customer's income (Note that the line is split here for presentation purposes only):

income.Options=0;Not Available|1;$0 - $19,999|2;$20,000 - $39,000|
               3;$40,000 - $59,000|4;$60,000 or more

This income registration information has four variables that describe it, as follows:

The name of the information being stored. The income.Label appears wherever the information is displayed.
Determines whether the income information should be displayed on the registration page, and in the Customer Segment notebook. By default, this information is not displayed elsewhere on the site.
Determines whether this information is required for registration. In this case, it is not required.
Defines the values that are applicable for the income data. In this case, the range has 5 values. They are stored in the database as integers between 0 and 5. Each range description takes the form of |<integer>;<displayed range value>. To change the value of the ranges displayed, you can edit the displayed range values. To add a range, copy and paste the last range definition, and then edit it to reflect the required range. Be sure that there is only one range definition for each integer. Note that the defined options are read before displaying pages that require this information and are used to populate the form elements dynamically.