Member search

The member search feature provides a mechanism for performing member searches without the need to write new EJB code. You can create query objects and customize them to suit particular search requirements.

By default, the Organization Administration Console and the HCL Commerce Accelerator contain pages that allow an administrator to search for users or organizations. You can extend the query object by adding where clause conditions, to search on particular attribute values or filtering values. After the query object is constructed, it is passed in to the UserSearchBean session bean, which will execute it against the database.

As alternatives to member search, you can use either of these techniques:

EJB finder methods
Use when all values that the end-user enters on the Search form are required, all search criteria are from fields in the same bean, and there is no need for paging of results.
Custom SQL
Use for complex queries where performance can be improved over what is generated by the member search logic.

The member search feature generates efficient queries for standard search criteria, for example searching based on values of fields. It supports paging of results and is compatible with both Oracle and DB2 databases.