Enabling single sign-on

Enabling single sign-on (SSO) preserves user authentication on different web applications in HCL Commerce. By using HTTP single sign-on, the user is not prompted multiple times for security credentials within a trust domain.

Before you begin

  • See Directory Services and HCL Commerce.
  • Enable WebSphere Application Server security with Federated Repositories.
  • Modify the HCL Commerce configuration file. If HCL Commerce switches to a single sign-on environment when there is shopper information in the HCL Commerce database, ensure that the MigrateUsersFromWCSdb flag is set to ON.
  • Synchronize the system clocks of all the systems that are included in the single sign-on configuration.

What to do next

For security purposes, when single sign-on is enabled, users should close all web browsers after they logout of Management Center.