Creating and updating Service Data Objects (SDO)

The steps on this page describe how to create or update a service data object genmodel file. A genmodel is an EMF model asset that is used to generate code. It is initialized from a set of XSD schemas.

Before you begin

If you are extending an existing HCL Commerce noun, you do not need to perform these prerequisite steps - the service module has already been created.

About this task

The examples in this task are based on the service generated in Creating an HCL Commerce service module.


  1. Start HCL Commerce Developer.
  2. Update the pattern generated noun with your changes.
    1. The pattern generated noun definition is located in the following file:

      MyServiceModuleName-DataObjects > xsd > OAGIS > 9.0 > Overlays > MyCompany > Commerce > Resources > Nouns > MyBusinessObject.xsd

    2. Update this schema with the required definition for your logical object model. This file is used to describe your logical object model (noun).
    3. Save and close the file.
  3. Generate SDOs from the noun definition.

    SDOs are generated using an EMF genmodel. The pattern generates a sample genmodel that must first be updated with the noun definition.

    1. Expand MyServiceModuleName-DataObjects > ecore.
    2. Right-click MyServiceModuleName.genmodel.
    3. Click Reload....
    4. Select XML Schema and click Next.

      Select XML Schema

    5. Click Next.
    6. Click Finish

      By default, the genmodel references the HCL Commerce foundation data objects. This schema is used by the EMF utility to generate Java classes that represent your noun.

      Note: If the custom noun references additional data objects, click Add to add other genmodels.

      Package Selection

    7. The genmodel reloads and opens in Rational Application Developer.
    8. To generate the SDOs, right click MyServiceModuleName and select Generate Model Code.

      Generate Model Code

    9. The SDOs representing the noun are generated in MyServiceModuleName-DataObjects > src.