Setting an EMF genmodel to generate 2.2 compatible objects

HCL Commerce runs on EMF 2.2, while Rational Application Developer runs on EMF 2.4. A new EMF object that is created in Rational Application Developer contains the EMF 2.4 default values. You can setup HCL Commerce Developer to generate EMF models that are compatible with HCL Commerce. If the pattern is run, these settings are enabled by default. However, if you create a new custom EMF model, these settings are not enabled by default.


  1. Start HCL Commerce Developer.
  2. Open the genmodel file that you are working on for your project.
  3. Click the Properties tab within HCL Commerce Developer to view the properties for the genmodel file.
    Note: If the Properties tab is missing, right-click the genmodel file, and select Show In > Properties.
  4. Ensure that the following values are set.
    Under the All heading, set these properties:
    Properties and Values for the genmodel file.
    Property Value
    Bundle Manifest False
    Compliance Level 1.4
    Copyright Fields True
    Runtime Version 2.2
    Under the Model heading, set these properties:
    Suppress EMF Metadata
    Suppress EMF Model Tags
  5. Save your changes and close the file.