Recurring Orders page

The recurring orders page displays the recurring orders of a shopper with the store in a table. The table shows the following details about the orders: Order number, order frequency, next order date, order status, and total price.

When the shopper clicks the action button, Re-order and Cancel links show in a pop-up window. The Re-order button allows the shopper to create an order by duplicating a previous order. Clicking the Cancel link displays a pop-up to confirm cancellation of the recurring order. Based on the notice period, an order is canceled immediately or it moves to pending cancel state.

HCL Commerce EnterpriseNote: Recurring orders are not supported when shopping under an organization contract that requires all order numbers to have a unique purchase order number.

Elements of the My Account: Recurring orders page

Recurring orders page screen capture

Full size screen capture

Links and buttons

1 Details
Shows order details
2 Actions
Customers can Cancel or Re-Order a recurring order.

JSP files

  • RecurringOrderTableDisplay.jsp displays the information under the Recurring Orders heading. This JSP file includes the order numbers, recurring frequencies, next order dates, statuses, total prices, and the options to reorder and cancel.
  • LeftSideBarDisplay.jspf represents the left navigation.