Subscriptions details page

The subscription details page displays all the information that is related to a previously ordered subscription and its child subscription. In the subscription details tab, the information is broken down into three sections: Subscription details, shipping information, and billing information. The subscription details section contains the order number, order date, and expiry date. The shipping information section contains the shipping address and method. It also contains the subscription product picture, name, quantity, and price. The billing information section contains the payment number, and billing address and method. The Print button formats a printable version of the Subscription Details page.

Elements of the Subscriptions Details page

My account: Subscriptions Details page screen capture

Full size screen capture

Links and buttons

4 Print
Prints the subscription page.
5 Subscription History
Displays the subscription history page.

JSP files

  • OrderShipmentDetails.jsp represents the content on the page, including the Subscription Details, Shipping Information, and Billing Information headers, their content, and the Print button.
  • LeftSideBarDisplay.jspf represents the left navigation.
  • OrderDetailsSingleShipmentOrderItemDetailsSummary.jspf represents the product information, such as the product image, product name, quantity ordered, and their prices.
  • OrderDetailsCheckoutPaymentAndBillingAddressSummary.jspf represents the billing information, such as the payment number, billing address, and billing method.