Personal Wish List page

The Personal Wish List page is where registered customers can view their wish lists. Each customer has a default wish list named Wish List, but they can create alternative wish lists with different names, such as Birthday wish list. Customers can also send an email to friends and family that contains a link to their wish list.

Elements of the Personal Wish List page

Personal Wish List page screen capture

E-Marketing Spots

You can display default content, or Web activities, or both, in the following e-Marketing Spot on this page:
E-Marketing Spot name and details Supported default content types Supported Web activities
1 WishListCenter_CatEntries

Recommended usage: Display catalog entry recommendations beneath the Personal Wish List page.

  • Content - No
  • Categories - No
  • Catalog entries - Yes

Run Web activities that use the following actions:

JSP files

  • WishListDisplay.jsp represents the entire page.
  • BreadCrumbTrailDisplay.jsp represents the area where the My Account hierarchy is displayed.
  • LeftSidebarDisplay.jspf represents the left navigation.
  • MultipleWishListController.jsp represents the wish list drop-down and associated operational buttons.
  • WishListResultDisplay.jsp represents the area where the catalog entries associated with the wish list are displayed.
    • RemoteWidgetButtons.jsp represents the area where remote widget buttons are.