My Account Summary page

The My Account Summary page is where registered customers can view their personal details and a summary of their activities on the storefront. Customers can also edit the information that they have specified in the Personal information page and view and reorder their past orders.

Elements of the My Account Summary page

My Account Summary page screen capture

JSP files

  • MyAccountDisplay.jsp represents the entire page.
  • 1BreadCrumbTrailDisplay.jsp represents the breadcrumb trail hierarchy display.
  • 2MyAccountNavigation.jsp represents the My Account sidebar display and includes the following fragments:
    • MyAccountDisplayExt.jspf
    • GiftRegistryMyAccountDisplayExt.jspf
  • 3MyAccountCenterLinkDisplay.jsp represents the account summary information.
  • 4OrderStatusTableDisplay.jsp represents the recent order history area.
  • 5RecurringOrderTableDisplay.jsp represents the recurring order area.
  • 6SubscriptionTableDisplay.jsp represents the subscription order area.

Links and buttons

7 Edit
Opens the Personal Information page.
8, 11 Details
Opens the Order Details page of the selected order.
9 View all Orders
Opens the Order History page.
10 Re-Order
Adds the selected order to the cart.
12 View all Recurring Orders
Opens the Recurring Orders page.
13 Actions
Expands to display the following options:
  • Re-Order: Adds the order to the shopping cart.
  • Cancel Recurring Order: Cancels the selected recurring order.
14 View all Subscriptions
Opens the Subscriptions page.