Defined managed assets

Managed assets are defined in XML files in the content-management directory.

  • WC_eardir/xml/content-management
  • WebSphere Commerce Developer workspace_dir/wc/xml/content-management

The following files in the directory define the managed assets in WebSphere Commerce:

  • wc-attachment-resource-managers.xml
  • wc-campaign-resource-managers.xml
  • wc-catalog-resource-managers.xml
  • wc-contract-resource-managers.xml
  • wc-experiment-resource-managers.xml
  • wc-fulfillment-resource-managers.xml
  • wc-inventory-resource-managers.xml
  • wc-managedfile-resource-managers.xml
  • wc-membergroup-resource-managers.xml
  • wc-order-resource-managers.xml
  • wc-promotion-resource-managers.xml

The files wc-ordercapture-resource-managers.xml and wc-ordermanagement-resource-managers.xml in the directory do not defined managed assets.

Assets are in the <wc:ManagedResource> tags with the following key attributes:

If this attribute is set to true, the asset defined in the tag is a managed asset.
This attribute defines the database table for the asset. This database table is workspace-enabled.