WebSphere Commerce Enterprise

Importing contracts

Importing a contract or service agreement uploads a service agreement in XML format from your local client to the WebSphere Commerce Server and deploys the service agreement in WebSphere Commerce.


  1. Open WebSphere Commerce Accelerator
  2. Click Sales > Accounts. The Account List page displays, containing business accounts currently defined for the selected store.
  3. Select the check box to the left of the business account that you want to work with and click Contracts. A list of contracts for the account is displayed.
  4. Click Import. The Import Contracts dialog is displayed.
  5. In the XML File field, type the full path to the service agreement XML file. You can also click Browse to find the XML file by using the Choose file dialog.
  6. Click Import to import the contract from your local client machine.


When the XML file uploads successfully, a business relationship is created that respects the terms and conditions that are defined in the contract. In addition, a confirmation message is displayed once the setup process is complete and the list of contracts are refreshed showing the newly created contract.

If the status of the service agreement is Deployment Failed when the list of service agreements is refreshed, you can attempt to redeploy the contract.