WebSphere Commerce Accelerator user interface

The WebSphere Commerce Accelerator interface consists of several notebooks, wizards, dialogs, and lists to help you complete your tasks.

A notebook opens when you change existing information in the WebSphere Commerce system. To go to different pages in a notebook, use the links on the left side. Click OK to save changes on each page and to close the notebook. You can use one or more pages in a notebook, and you do not have to progress sequentially.
A wizard opens when you create new information, such as a new customer order. To go to different pages in a wizard, use the Next and Previous buttons. Unlike a notebook, you must progress through a wizard sequentially. Click Finish to save your changes and close the wizard.
Dialogs are single pages that you use to enter information. For example, a search dialog contains search criteria fields. Provide the appropriate information and click Find. Search results display as a list.
You can perform the following tasks with a list:
  • Select a particular list item
    • Select the check box next to the item and click one of the buttons on the page.
    • Select the item from the first column in the list to open a notebook to change information.
  • Select all the items in the search results list by selecting the check box icon at the upper left of the list.
  • Sort the list by column by clicking the Sort icon icon beside the appropriate column heading. The list sorts by this column in ascending order.
  • Go through a long list by clicking First, Last, Next, or Previous. Alternatively, to go directly to a specific page, type the page number in the Page Number field, and click Go. The top of the list always indicates the page that you are on, and the total number of pages.

Log out of the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator so that the session expires. To log out, click Logout from the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator history. When you log out, your SSL cookie is dropped and you no longer have secure access.