Reconfiguring clustering and replication

If your previous search deployment is in a clustered environment, reconfigure clustering and replication.


  1. Set up the search cluster in the new version, if needed. For more information, see Federating and clustering the WebSphere Commerce Search server in the advanced configuration.
  2. Copy the WC_installdir/components/foundation/subcomponents/search/solr/home/replication-config.xml file to WC_installdir/instances/instance_name/search/solr/home. Then, edit the file to match your master machine and subordinate machine configurations.
  3. Manually copy the Solr home directory from the first WebSphere Commerce Search application server that is running the search index setup migration utility to all clustered servers. The default Solr home is in the following location:
    • working_dir/search/instance_name/search/solr/home
  4. Reconfigure WebSphere Commerce Search for replication.
  5. Restart your WebSphere Commerce Search cluster and WebSphere Commerce cluster.