Migrating remaining WebSphere Commerce functions

After you migrate your database and deployed your customizations from version 7.0 to version 8.0, migrate any remaining WebSphere Commerce functions.


  1. Email transport (and all other messaging system transports) is disabled by default in WebSphere Commerce Version 8.0. Perform the following steps to re-enable email transport after database migration:
  2. The Aurora starter store uses REST services in the storefront. To ensure that store preview works correctly, perform the following steps to enable preview support for RESTful applications: Enabling preview support for RESTful applications.
  3. In version 8.0, data cache properties that were defined in the cacheinstances.properties file were moved to the WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console. If your version 7.0 store was configured to use data cache, there is no need to migrate your data cache configuration. For more information about data caches, see Enabling WebSphere Commerce data cache

What to do next

  • Reconfigure any third-party integrations.
  • Complete all necessary testing across your runtime environment.