Troubleshooting: Search delta index does not complete

After making a change to catalog data from within Management Center for WebSphere Commerce and launching Store Preview, the resulting Search delta index does not complete as expected. This problem can be intermittent.


After updating catalog data via Management Center and launching the Store Preview feature, a delta index is performed to update the store pages with your changes. In some circumstances, these changes are not reflected.

An error similar to the following can be reflected in the WebSphere Commerce server log:
000009b7 CatalogEntryI E run() java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/ibm/commerce/foundation/common/util/logging/LoggingFileHandler$1


To resolve this issue, restart WebSphere Application Server. For more information, see Starting or stopping WebSphere Application Server.

Upon retrying the Store Preview feature, the delta index will complete as expected, and your changes will reflect in the storefront.