WebSphere Commerce Version or later

Preparing WebSphere Commerce Version 7.0 for migration

Prepare your version 7.0 staging environment by backing up your WebSphere Commerce Version 7.0 and staging database. Keep WebSphere Commerce Version 7.0 staging environment, including the database, available if anything goes wrong during the upcoming migration. The staging database backup is restored to your version 8.0 staging environment in the upcoming section of the migration.


  1. Back up your WebSphere Commerce Version 7.0 system according to your operating system documentation or any specialized backup and restore software that you are using.
    Note: With this backup, you can recover your previous system if you encounter problems while you are migrating to WebSphere Commerce Version 8.0.
  2. Back up your database by using one of the following methods:
    • DB2Backup overview
    • OracleSee the database vendor documentation.
      Note: When you restore the Oracle database, the character sets are automatically converted to AL32UTF8.