WebSphere Commerce Version or later

Deploying your migrated customizations to your staging server

Using either your version 8.0 development environment or your designated version 8.0 build server to deploy your customized assets to your version 8.0 staging server.

Before you begin

Ensure that you set up the WCBD tool on either your migrated version 8.0 development environment or your designated version 8.0 build server.


  1. Create a WCBD package that contains your custom assets, and then deploy the package to your version 8.0 runtime environment. From more information about the build and deploy process, see WebSphere Commerce Build and Deployment tool.
    Note: If you plan to deploy a migrated Management Center from WebSphere Commerce by using WCBD, ensure that your OpenLaszlo code was compiled by using a WebSphere Commerce Developer Version 7.0 Feature Pack 8 and checked into your source control repository. WCBD in WebSphere Commerce Version 8.0 cannot build OpenLaszlo code, but it can extract LOBTools.war from your source control repository.

    Alternatively, you can deploy your custom assets by using the WebSphere administrative console. For more information about the deploying custom assets with the WebSphere administrative console, see Deploying custom Java EE assets.

    Note: If you deploy a full module, Stores.war for example, through the WebSphere administrative console, you might encounter problems while you access the storefront. A full module deployment can alter the file permissions within Stores.war, preventing static content from being displayed. To correct this permission problem, you must manually update the file permissions for all static files under the Stores.war directory to allow read access. By default, WCDB performs a partial application deployment, which does not alter file permissions.
  2. After your customizations are deployed, complete all the necessary testing to ensure your store functions as intended.