Troubleshooting: Browser performance issues with the Management Center

If your browser runs slowly or becomes less responsive while you are using the Management Center, there are various ways to fix this problem.

Possible causes and actions to take

The following table lists reasons why Management Center might be running slowly and the actions you can take.
Possible causes Actions to take
You have too many objects open at one time in Management Center.
  • Close the work that you have currently open.
    Tip: You can close files several ways:
    • From within the properties view of an object, click Close.
    • From the explorer view, right-click a node and select Close.
      Remember: In the explorer view, you can have objects open under several nodes: the Active Work node, or any other node. For example, when you are working on a sales catalog, you might have opened several existing products to view their contents.
    • From the File menu, select either Close All or Reload All and Close to close all open objects and refresh the explorer view.
  • Minimize the number of objects that you copy and drag for other uses (for example, dragging objects from the explorer view to the main work area). Large amounts of copying takes up memory. For efficiency, do not copy more than 30 objects at one time.
  • Log out of the Management Center, close your browser, and re-open the Management Center.