Installing IBM HTTP Server and Web Server Plug-ins

Before you begin

Download the WAS Supplement
  1. Download the IBM WebSphere Application Server Supplements from IBM website.
  2. Unzip the downloaded supplement files.
    Note: The supplement files come in different parts as shown in the image below. Make sure you download all the supplements files.


  1. Once the contents are add in part1 of the supplement file, open the IBM Installation Manager.
  2. Go to File > Preferences
    A pop-up window opens.
  3. Go to Add Repository > Browse.
  4. Select the location of the WAS supplement files are downloaded.
  5. Select the unzipped file which contains the repository.config file. (It might be in part1)
    Generally the repository.config file is kept in part1 of the WAS supplement files.

  6. Select and open the repository.config file.
    The selected WAS supplement file is visible in the list of repositories.
  7. Click the Apply button and then click the OK button.
  8. Click the Install button.
    The application displays a list of products available for installation.
  9. Uncheck the IBM HTTP Server for WebSphere Application Server and the Web Server Plug-ins for IBM WebSphere Application Server checkbox button.
  10. Click the Next button.
    A new pop-up window opens asking to insert disk2 or disk3.
  11. Browse to the location for disk2.

  12. Click the OK button.
  13. Keep selecting the disks as per the prompts till the system stops displaying the insert disk prompt.
    Note: Read through the prompt that validates the perquisites as shown in the image below.

  14. Click the Next.
  15. Read the license agreement and click the I accept the terms in the license agreements radio button.
  16. Click the Next button.
    The application displays a window to choose a location to install the IBM HTTP Server.
  17. Select the location and click the Next button.
  18. Select the features to be installed and click the Next button.
  19. Configure the HTTP Server and click the Next button.
  20. Click the Install button.


The IBM HTTP Server and Web Plug-ins are successfully installed.