Regenerating the WebSphere Application Server Web server plug-in configuration file

The following procedure does not apply when WebSphere Commerce is in a federated or clustered environment under WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment.

Before you begin

Log on as the non-root user that was created before WebSphere Commerce was installed.


  1. To regenerate the Web server plug-in, you must use the GenPluginCfg command. For more information, see GenPluginCfg command.
  2. To propagate your plugin-cfg.xml file to your remote machine:
    1. If you are using an IBM HTTP Server Web server, the plugin-cfg.xml can be propagated automatically through the WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console.
    2. For all other Web servers, propagate the plug-in configuration file by manually copying the plugin-cfg.xml file from the WC_profiledir/config/cells/cell_name/nodes/node_name/servers/web_server_name directory on your WebSphere Commerce machine to the WAS_plugindir/config/web_server_name directory on your Web server machine.
  3. Restart the Web server according to the documentation that is provided with the Web server.