OracleWebSphere Commerce Version

Upgrading development environments to use Oracle 12cR2

If you are using an Oracle 12cR1 database, you can upgrade to an Oracle 12cR2 database and reconfigure your database settings in your WebSphere Commerce development environment.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have a working development environment that is set to use and Oracle database.


  1. Upgrade your existing Oracle database to 12cR2.
  2. Configure your environment to use ojdbc7 and libocijdbc12.
    1. Download the oracle instant client zip file.
    2. Unzip the install client zip file in temp directory.
    3. Copy the ojdbc7.jar file to your ORACLE_HOME\jdbc\lib\ directory.
  3. Update your WebSphere Commerce setdbtype.bat file.
    1. Open your WCDE_installdir\bin\setdbtype.bat for editing.
    2. Search for %ORACLE_HOME%\jdbc\lib\ojdbc6.jar, then update the string to %ORACLE_HOME%\jdbc\lib\ojdbc7.jar
    3. Save and close the file.
  4. Run the setdbtype.bat command.
    1. Start a Windows command prompt and go to the WCDE_installdir/bin directory.
    2. Issue the following command:
      setdbtype oracle ORACLE_HOME dbName dbAdminID dbAdminPassword dbUserID dbUserPassword [dbHost dbServerPort]
      The root directory of Oracle or the database client, depending on if you have a local or a remote database.

      For example, C:\ORACLE\ORA12.

      The name of the database to use with WebSphere Commerce developer.

      If you are using a remote database, this is the name of the database on the remote database server.

      The database administrator ID.
      The database administrator password.
      The database user ID.
      Important: Do not specify a reserved Oracle ID user ID. Examples of reserved Oracle IDs include SYSTEM and SYS.
      The database user password.
      For remote database only The fully qualified host name of the database server.
      For remote database only The port number on the database server used for remote connections.
  5. Update the JDBCDriverLocation in your wc-server.xml file.
    1. Open your WCDE_installdir\WC\xml\config\wc-server.xml file for editing.
    2. Locate your JDBCDriverLocation setting, and update the value to use the ojdbc7.jar, as seen in the following example.


    3. Save and close the file.