WebSphere Commerce Version

APARs that are fixed in Mod Pack 3 Fix Pack 5 (

Review the following table for more information about the APARs that are fixed in Fix Pack 5 for Mod Pack 3 (
Authoring and Staging JR57673 Stagingprop utility does not propagate the CATFLTDSC table because of bad staging triggers.
Catalog, Assets, Contracts, and Pricing JR57593 Rule based category concurrency exception.
Data Load and other loading tools JR56759 When 'supportMultipleValuesForADAttributes' property is to false, the behavior is not as expected.
Data Load and other loading tools JR57638 SEO data is loaded along with catalog data even if loadSEO config property is set to FALSE.
Installation, Configuration, Deployment, and Migration JR57711 wcsDBValidation.bat fails with java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driver error.
Installation, Configuration, Deployment, and Migration JR57605 migratePDC utility issues.
Installation, Configuration, Deployment, and Migration JR57592 Database migration from V7 to V8 might fail with 'Specified delete rule not allowed' error.
Marketing and Promotions JR57855 Denial of service vulnerability found in IBM WebSphere Commerce.
Marketing and Promotions JR57735 Cannot save Layout in Commerce Composer when web activities are used to recommend catalog entries.
Marketing and Promotions JR57709 Cannot switch tabs quickly within the Management Center tools.
Marketing and Promotions JR57688 SQL MBRROLEWHERE error.
Marketing and Promotions JR57459 ListUsersInMemberGroupCmdImpl call made twice during user creation.
Marketing and Promotions JR57518 The marketing associations for current basket also include saved orders when they should include only current order.
Marketing and Promotions JR57525 Web activities with current page target do not work when the eSpot REST service is invoked from a 3rd party source.
Member and Session Management JR57740 Inconsistent behavior for member search queries on i/OS (IBM i).
Member and Session Management JR57809 Character case issue with LTPA.
Member and Session Management IT20279 PersonContactHandler.updatePersonContact returns old address value.
Messaging and Integration (including Sterling integration) JR57617 Random question mark characters (?) are included in outgoing emails.
NoCategory JR57571 Error displayed in Management Center when viewing offer price precedence column.
NoCategory JR57451 Intermittent I/O exception when running di-parallel-process utility, due to contention reading AdditionalLeadingFiles file.
Orders, Payments, and Inventory JR57591 GetInventoryAvailability REST call from user switches to generic.
Orders, Payments, and Inventory JR57692 Orderitems are not merged when a shopper uses Quick Order.
Orders, Payments, and Inventory JR57549 Issues generating Swagger definitions for Cart.
Orders, Payments, and Inventory JR57670 Store locator REST call throws Exception during BigDecimal conversion.
Programming Framework JR57345 REST requests that specify XML response format might return an invalid character error if the response map has a forward slash.
Runtime JR57457 CatalogDescriptionCache throws NumberFormatException.
Search JR57676 Missing extension point for thresholdTokenFrequency in solrcore.properties.
Search JR57658 Provide a configuration to enable/disable spellcheck suggestions reordering.
Search JR57695 BySearchTerm returns landing page URL in lower case, which results in a redirection to 404 page.
Search JR57406 Some child categories are not listed in the categoryview REST response if they are children of a sibling.
Search JR57720 Timeout occurs when you update an attribute in Management Center.
Search JR57324 Generic user encounters an error under the default contract.
Search JR57186 Store path prefix is removed during preview when empty context root is used.
Search JR57606 Alphanumeric sorting of categories are wrong for the Norwegian language.
Stores and Mobile JR57696 CSR cannot view products when logged on as a customer account.