WebSphere Commerce Version

APARs that are fixed in Mod Pack 1 Fix Pack 1 (

Review the following table for more information about the APARs that are fixed in Fix Pack 1 for Mod Pack 1 (
Category APAR Description
Authoring and Staging JR55762 Stagingprop utility fails to propagate the access control policy data of a newly published store into production database
Catalog, Assets, Contracts, and Pricing JR55608 Cannot change catalog entry's master category relationship by using the Data Load utility
Catalog, Assets, Contracts, and Pricing JR55762 Management Center icons are not visible
Marketing and Promotions JR55708 The Accelerator Customer Segment tool does not display the first and last name of included and excluded customers
Member and Session Management JR55700 loginidentity?updateCookies=true does not create WC cookies
Messaging and Integration (including Sterling integration) JR55698 OrderCalculate external service on Sterling Order Management V9.5 does not work if order is already locked
Orders, Payments, and Inventory JR55493

Security fix

Information disclosure vulnerability in the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator tool
Orders, Payments, and Inventory JR55654 "Payment inbound services do not respect neverPersist=""true"" parameter"
Search JR55671 Cannot set up managed Solr on an Authoring environment