WebSphere Commerce Developer

Troubleshooting: Fix Pack installation on Developer fails with "derby.jar could not be updated"

WebSphere Commerce Developer fix pack installation fails a "The file WCDE_installdir/lib/derby.jar could not be updated." message.

When you attempt to install a fix pack on WebSphere Commerce Developer, you might encounter an error similar to the following message:
Fix Pack installation fails with this message: 
Install, com.ibm.ws.install.ni.ismp.actions.InstallNIFMaintenance, err,
Failed to delete: C:\WCDE80\lib\derby.jar (Nov 21, 2011 1:31:53 PM),
Install, com.ibm.ws.install.ni.ismp.actions.InstallNIFMaintenance, err, The file
/C:/WCDE80/lib/derby.jar could not be updated.  (Nov 21, 2011 1:31:53 PM),
Install,  com.ibm.ws.install.ni.ismp.actions.InstallNIFMaintenance, err,
com.ibm.ws.install.ni.framework.fileactions.NIFFileActionIOException:  The file
/C:/WCDE80/lib/derby.jar could not be updated. at
com.ibm.ws.install.ni.ismp.utils.ISMPLogUtils.logException(ISMPLogUtils.java:46) at
at com.installshield.wizard.RunnableWizardBeanContext.run(RunnableWizardBeanContext.java:20) 


The derby.jar file is locked by another process, which causes the installation process to fail because the process cannot read the file.


Stop the process that is occupying the derby.jar file by checking whether there are any Java processes running on the machine. If so, stop those processes and then run the installation again.
If you still encounter issues, complete the following steps:
  1. Open Windows services and disable or stop all WebSphere processes and other IBM software that use WebSphere.
  2. Restart the Windows machine so that there are no Commerce processes running.
  3. Rerun the fix pack installation.
Note: You can also manually test whether the problem still exists by manually moving the WCDE_installdir\lib\derby.jar file to a different directory.